About Us

Lead by an experienced culinary team, NJ Gourmet specializes in high-quality meal preparation and catering using only Grade A ingredients. NJ Gourmet Meal Prep is the first meal prep company established that offers gourmet meal prep, deli, and catering options. All dishes created from original recipes, cooked in our state-of-the-art kitchen and delivered fresh to your doorstep.  Food is our passion and we put extra care into any product that leaves our facility!                             
NJ Gourmet was founded in 2018 when Chef Myke had an idea about creating a unique meal prep company that offers gourmet home cooked meals unlike any other meal prep company. Chef Myke grew up in Bergen County, NJ and knew how important good quality food was to New Jersey residents.  He wanted to create the first-ever meal prep company that offered gourmet quality meal prep.  Classic New Jersey staple items that are popular around the state.  At the time, many meal prep companies had the reputation of food tasting bland, lacking originality, and led by inexperienced chefs. Chef Myke wanted to change that and that's when NJ Gourmet Meal Prep was first created!
As a company, our goal is to offer a wide variety of items that generally suits multiple people.  Our meal prep menu gives us the ability to serve clients from a nutritional standpoint, allowing us to focus on health, quality, taste, and vitality!  Our Deli and Catering options are done classic NJ comfort-style suitable for all occasions. With many ingredients involved, we deliver a wonderful taste that pleases multiple palates and taste buds!  We also have custom catering options that contain unique items that will astonish your guests and great for a broad audience.
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NJ Gourmet Meal Prep
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